Why we bought the GD427

We asked ourselves what do we think is a Cobra?

I think we all think we know the story of AC & Carol Shelby.
What is important is that this collaboration produced one of the most iconic and universally desired sports cars of all time.
As a result of there only being about 700 made, demand has long ago exceeded supply and prices are in the stratosphere, well beyond the reach of ordinary enthusiasts.
It’s no wonder the Cobra is the world’s most commonly imitated classic with replica manufacturers small and large in production for at least 4 decades in many countries including Australia.
Most have fibreglass bodies and many claim their moulds were taken off original cobras, but a bit like human DNA cobra replicas are evolving and the variations in shape, dimensions, chassis designs, drive lines and the individual tastes of those who love them enough to build them, mean that our replicas end up being very individual, while retaining enough of the original DNA to be instantly recognised as cobras.
Ultimately arguments about the authenticity of a replica are futile.

If it looks like a cobra, if it sounds like a cobra, it will evoke the sense of occasion that attracts the admiration of enthusiasts and the man in the street. Ultimately cobra clubs everywhere recognise this defines a cobra.


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