Getting the 427 an engine!

It was all good and well to have a Cobra kit car, but we needed more than peddle power to get the 285’s rolling!
After sometime searching for a compatible LS engine we stumbled upon an eBay ad for 2008 VE SS ute which had been in an unfortunate accident. After much debating we decided to buy it sight unseen and drive up to a small town in NSW to collect.

What we discovered was a sad story. The previous owner of this ute had decided to stop at a local pub on his way to the tip. Some kids decided it would be funny to set fire to the rubbish in his tub which quickly engulfed the entire back of the ute. Lucky no one was hurt and luckily for us the engine and transmission were all unaffected.

Here are some shots we took when we collected the ute and stripped it!

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