GD T70 – Effortlessly beautiful:

The world’s fastest race cars in 1966 – the Mk2 Lola T70. From the moment the T70 hit the circuits it was a force to be reckoned with, dominating the racing scene at the time. Indeed it was the T70 that spawned many similar cars of the day that would do battle in the fierce Can-Am race series.

Legendary names like John Surtees, Dan Gurney, Mark Donohue and Denny Hulme to name but a few, all achieved glory driving the T70 to victory.




Modern Engineering:

We have always paid great attention to engine choice in our cars. For many years, GDs were typically fitted with iron block carburettor or aluminium small block V8 engines, these are still a popular choice for the home builder.

However, in 2004, with the introduction of GM’s new generation of V8s, GD became the first low volume manufacturer to test and fully adopt these superb engines, now widely considered to be the best small block V8 of modern times.Consistent with our mission to make the most modern performing cars, this engine series has proved to be the perfect choice.

Five years on and many GD owners are enjoying, daily, the incredibly smooth low down power and effortless reliability that these engines offer. Importantly, GD has always been fully compliant with all SVA and the latest IVA regulations to ensure that owners have trouble free maintenance and servicing. When choosing a sports car of this type, compliance with all low volume manufacturing legislation has a crucial, positive effect on future values.