Classic styling, modern performance

The GDMk4 body shape is externally accurate to the original displaying an uncompromisingly muscular stance. Compared to the Mk3, the Mk4 sits higher with a deeper cockpit and scuttle sides and larger wheel arches, there are other subtle differences more noticeable when viewed side by side. The GDMk4 uses the same chassis options as the Mk3 and therefore the same famed handling characteristics.

Depending on the final detail fitments the GD Mk4 can be every bit the classic 60′s icon or take on a more contemporary appearance. The GDMk4 is available as a factory built car ready to drive away, or supplied in component form for self-assembly. Prices are available to suit most budgets. All factory cars are built to order to individual customer preferences. For self-build projects a full breakdown component pricelist is available on request.




Modern Engineering:

Our chassis features purpose designed lightweight double wishbone suspension and cast alloy uprights.

It is equipped with the latest 3.23:1 ratio BTR hydrotrack speed sensitive limited slip differential. Power is delivered through GKN drive shafts and constant velocity joints.

The suspension provides full adjustment for camber, caster and toe-in changes. Adjustable alloy coil shock absorbers provide fine adjustment for damping resistance and ride height changes. All suspension components assembled with high tensile fixings and all hydraulic lines are none corrosive. The chassis is two-stage powder coated with zinc based primer adding a further 15 year protection.

Engine and gearbox mounts are competition type isloation mounts, compliant but tough for the power on tap. The chassis accepts 16”, 17” and 18” three piece alloy wheels to suit any GD model